Professional Profile:

Robin LeahyRobin Leahy has over 15 years experience underwriting and managing employee benefit programs. Her focus has been on the financial analysis and communication of those plans.

Robin started her career in the late 1980s with a large insurance company as an underwriter for group medical, dental, life and disability plans. As that company became a leader in the managed care arena, Robin was appointed to a committee to develop the underwriting strategy for managed care business.

Robin then moved to a large consulting firm to further develop her financial expertise. She collaborated with actuaries at the firm to develop plan design, contribution strategies and rate structures to meet the financial objectives of mid to large size clients. Robin also partnered with the communication practice to help translate the financial information into meaningful data for both the client and their employees. With a sound understanding of the financial and communication components of employee benefit programs, Robin desired to expand her exposure with clients.

In 1993, Robin moved to a global, private brokerage firm as a client manager. Robin had an opportunity to partner with clients both locally and nationally to meet their employee benefit needs. Beyond managing clients, she was also responsible for underwriting and compliance training.

Robin has always believed in negotiating aggressively for her clients based on the merits of the underwriting process. In addition to translating those results into bottom line numbers for clients, she is also passionate about making sure her clients' employees understand their benefits and the impact their lifestyle choices have on their total well being.

Robin joined her husband, Chris, in 2006 to form an independent consulting firm. She has been successful in using her financial expertise and communication skills to assist clients in achieving "balanced solutions."

Community Service:
Robin is committed to public education and has volunteered for various positions at the PTA and county level. She is also involved with youth sports and currently serves on the board for a youth athletic association in Chesterfield County.

Robin graduated from The University of Richmond magna cum laude in 1988.

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