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Our commitment at Leahy Consulting Services is to deliver “balanced client solutions” designed to meet your unique needs and deliver optimal results for both your firm and your employees.

Companies need to better understand their employees and what they value. Next there is a tremendous need to educate, engage and more directly reward employees.  In designing employee benefit and compensation programs we must move from the segmented, silo approach to one that looks holistically at both the needs of the corporation and those of its employees. There are a multitude of factors to be evaluated.  How each is weighed and impacts the final design varies greatly based upon your organizational goals and those of your workforce.  Our aim is to bring into focus and balance the myriad of issues, recognizing the market and resource realities specific to your business.

Historically, employers and consultants have viewed things in a very fragmented manner.  For instance, compensation has been referenced as “cash” and employee benefits as “non-cash.”  Clearly there is a lot of cash spent on employee benefits; we’ll spare reciting all the staggering statistics here.  Yet, these simple references speak volumes as to how each is viewed.  It is not difficult to understand why employees do not value the dollars companies spend on such programs.  And at the same time, far too many employees have no appreciation for how their actions affect the corporate bottom line, or how they might be rewarded for favorably impacting it. 

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your organization and discuss how we could assist you.

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