Leahy Consulting Services assists companies in the design, vendor negotiation and selection, implementation and on-going management of their employee benefit programs.

We support clients in evaluating and managing their programs at many levels, starting with a baseline review of the existing program, including executive interviews. We then provide our recommendations on the design and funding of the core plans: medical, dental, vision, life and disability, to achieve the identified objectives. Once we have developed a multi-year strategy for managing the employee benefits, we then identify the necessary action steps to be taken and create timelines to complete each one. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Developing a multi-year health care strategy customized to each client's corporate objectives and philosophy
  • Serving as project leader for all initiatives related to our client's employee benefits program and as primary contact for associated vendors
  • Completing periodic on-site program reviews addressing:
    • review of action items related to stated goals
    • review of service metrics
    • review of financials: year to date; rolling twelve months and an illustrative projection
  • Performing annual independent analysis of the benefit plans, including benchmarking to national survey data
  • Negotiating the applicable plan program renewals
  • Marketing periodically the plans and/or services related to the core plans
  • Developing an annual contribution methodology, using multi-year strategy for guidance
    • Exploring the development of "employee engagement - stair step" contribution methodology
  • Facilitating plan related communications
  • Interfacing with vendors and resolve any service concerns

Leahy Consulting Services strives to assist our clients in setting direction, which means understanding the goals and objectives of both the company and its employees and then driving the execution of the plan for optimal results. The targets and initiatives vary with each client, as do the services we provide. With each client we focus on delivering "balanced client solutions".

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